Gitta Grobert is a true customer satisfaction enthusiast and an expert in communication and creative loyalty. She believes that the happy customers are guarantee for successful and long-term business.



Senior researcher

Lynn Van Wezemael brings academic rigour to customer experience. She is a Senior Researcher with Futurelab specialising in consumer research, data analysis and project management. She investigates consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviour and is a master in both qualitative and quantitative methods.



Head of Futurelab Research

Marina Natanova started in a research company, continued in a media agency where she worked for Danone, Dandy and Unilever accounts. She soon turned to media consultancy, founding a company in partnership with international media auditors. Now Marina heads up the NPS research unit of Futurelab, as well as providing marketing and strategic consultancy.



Senior consultant

Michel Stevens is always looking for customer-centric puzzles to unravel. The trickier the better. Convinced that customer-centricity is the only way forward for businesses, Michel applies his leadership, management and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills to help them achieve it.




Norbert Verkimpe is a big thinker, a strategist and an expert in customer experience. He is the correct person, if you want to grow your business and profits by getting more out of your customers through on-going and relevant strategies and dialogues based on qualitative data.



Senior partner - Futurelab Group

Stefan Kolle is a C-level consiglieri  with a passion for innovation and looking at things differently.  Striving for a world without the need for advertising, he helps companies ensure their customers and employees are so satisfied, motivated, enabled and empowered that they act as advocates for the brand.