You’re about to launch a NPS-programme! Now what?


Find a balance between measuring, listening to what customers say, making sure that employees know what to do and have a clear view on the future of your NPS-programme.


You don’t need complicated models that show you what you should do in the future. No, your programme is about to start and you want to know what you need to do with all that data – and customer verbatims – that will pour in.

You’re probably a fan of KISS – the acronym, not necessarily the band – you want to keep it as simple as possible. And that’s the way it should be when you start up a NPS-programme: nice and easy. The most programmes fail because there is too much focus on the analysis of things. You want to measure so many things that at a point you’re only measuring and not listening anymore. Hmm, that’s not what you had in mind.

That’s why it’s crucial that you find a balance between measuring, listening to what customers say, making sure that employees know what to do and have a clear view on the future of your NPS-programme.

NPS Kickstart





  1. Vision - What your NPS-programme will look like in the near future.
  2. Measurement - Choose metrics that are relevant and are usable for the business.
  3. Engagement - Engaged employees who know what to do with all those customer verbatims.
  4. Action - Unleash everything at once or bit by piece? Where do you put your focus in the beginning?


What do we do?

What do you get out of it?

Setting goals
  • We clearly define, together with you and your team, what you want to achieve with your NPS-programme.
  • What does the NPS-programme look like when it’s successful? What are the consequences of that for today?
Documented NPS-goals
  • A clear overview of what you want to achieve with your NPS-programme, what success looks like and what the barriers towards a succesful implementation are.
  • You’ll get a view on what’s going well and what could be better.
Decision on Metrics
  • Considering your situation, the environment, the company culture, the market, we’ll find the metrics that suits your goals.
Aligned measurements
  • Well-defined measurements (moments, methodologies, …) that are in line with the corporate objectives, the market and culture.
Engagement Creation
  • We’ll identify how we can make sure that your employees know what to do when the customer verbatims come in and make sure that they will love it.
  • The impact on people is what makes a good NPS-programme great.
Engagement Plan
  • A selection of priority actions that will make sure that employees are willing, skilled and able to help develop the NPS-programme.
  • Not only will employees be convinced on a rational level but also on an emotional level.
  • Together with your team we’ll identify where your focus should be in the next following weeks and months. Will it be about listening alone or are you going to react on what customers say? And when you react, on what customers are you going to focus?
  • To make a NPS-programme work you should start with a clear focus.
Deep Focus
  • By stating your focus for the next few months (e.g.: connecting with your unsatisfied customers or giving your fans a platform) you can set the right expectations with your employees.


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