What after NPS Kickstart!?


Yes, you’ve launched your NPS-programme! What’s next?


You’re ready to take the next step, you want to tackle some issues and what you’re going to do now will determine the future of your programme.

If people will start cheering or run away from your programme depends on what you’ll do next, how you’ll do it and who you will involve.

The programme is too young to hire consultants who will analyse everything and transform it into change projects.

That’s why it’s crucial that the next steps have an impact and bring actual change that is noticeable for customers and employees.

Beyond NPS Kickstart


Beyond NPS Kickstart is a pragmatic approach of turning the results from your NPS-programme, the vision of your stakeholders and the drive that is within your own team into change projects that will do right to your NPS-programme and bring actual value to both your business as well as your employees and customers.




  1. CX & NPS Check - Together we look at what is coming out of your NPS-programme and how the organisation sees the Customer Experience (CX).
  2. Generate Insights - We formulate, together with your team, what steps need to be taken.
  3. Plan and align - We identify what will have the most impact and prioritize.
  4. Implement the improvements - We implement, together with your team, the changes and improvements – you are in the lead but we are following your steps.


What do we do?

What do you get out of it?

CX & NPS Check
  • We interview Key Stakeholders to get a clear view of what Customer Experience is according to the employees.
  • We analyse the data that comes out of your NPS-programme and identify what you can do and what you can stop doing.
  • We create the first ideas for improvements.
Stakeholder Interview Analysis
  • A detailed Stakeholder Interview analysis.
  • You’ll get a view on what’s going well and what can be improved.
Generate Insights
  • With the information we’ve gathered we work with your team on the next steps during a workshop.
Book of Opportunities
  • You get a list of identified projects that bridge the gap between where you are today and where you want to go.
  • This will absolutely help you in becoming more customer-centric.
Plan and align
  • During the workshop with your team we prioritise the identified projects and put them on a timeline.
  • A list of prioritised projects that are well-documented with goals and milestones on a roadmap for the next months.
  • The projects have clear owners and deliverables.
Implementing the improvements
  • With the roadmap in hand you and your team will launch the improvement-projects.
  • We stay in the background, your people are in the lead, but we keep an eye on things and help out when necessary or desired.
On-Call Help
  • The organisation launches the improvements and when necessary we’ll help out.
  • We keep an eye on things so that you’re never alone.
  • We evaluate what could be improved in the future and apply those insights.


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