We’re structured for action

Researchers can give you data, but not advice. Consultants can give you opinion and recommendations, not always supported by relevant data. Don’t let your Voice of Customer initiative fall through this gap. At Futurelab Research, researchers and consultants work in tandem – not consecutively – giving you a seamless and speedy flow of data into intelligence into action. They also challenge each other often – but only so that you don’t have to go through that fight in your company.

We’re international

We can conduct and deliver NPS research in 10 languages: currently English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Danish and Romanian, but this list is growing – just ask. We adapt our communications to meet cultural expectations and perceptions, and we share our findings and thoughts in a way that you can understand and enjoy.

We’re ‘people’ people

The success of NPS lies in its simplicity. Our research remains faithful to that core value and delivers straightforward, actionable results in a non-technical, democratic language everyone can understand. Our researchers and consultants all have senior level life and business experience. We take customer experience off the page, and turn it into human motivation and inspiration, so that you can gain buy-in and build your own team of believers.

We’re quick

We work with the leading survey tool in the market, and closely cooperate with its developers to meet the needs of our clients more quickly and more comprehensively than anyone else. We have a team of bright analysts from top universities across Western and Eastern Europe, and the support of the best NPS consultants in Europe.

And when your NPS program grows, we are ready to help you have a smooth transition towards a Closed Loop system provider that suits your needs and requirements best.