Without insight, NPS is just another number. All our research packages include consultancy, so we give you quick wins and slow-burn changes that will help you improve.


NPS is about how people feel, think and talk. So we talk about customer experience in a way that people warm up to. Any culture, industry or mind set: our research tells a story and reaches out to your people. 


NPS isn’t rocket science. So starting on it should not require a NASA-level budget. Our cost-effective, flat-fee packages include everything you need to get going with your program. 



Futurelab Research is a spinout of Futurelab, a leading business consultancy with focus on profits through customer experience.  One of the problems many of our clients ran into when doing NPS projects, was that researchers can give you data, but not business advice; while consultants can give you opinions and recommendations, but not always supported by data. We made a point of having researchers and consultants working in tandem rather than consecutively, and this provides the necessary dynamics to give you the complete picture.