Promoter Personas Discovery and Activation.

An innovation programme that gives you a deep and detailed understanding of your Promoters and helps you build valuable relationships with them.


This product is about your brand’s biggest fans. Those who are most loyal, most passionate, most willing to tell everyone how great you are. We like to call them Promoters.

You have made the first step – you know how many of them you have. But do you know whether they really take initiative to talk, or are just waiting for the right moment with the right people? Are they talking to many people, or just a few? A lot of ambassador programmes fail because they treat Promoters as a single homogeneous group, sending the same communications, the same incentives and the same rewards, and often not really asking what kind of things makes the Promoters tick. Like any group of humans, your Promoters are not all the same. If they recommend you, they’ll do it to different people in different ways for different motives. We’ve created Promoter Personas Discovery & Activation to help businesses turn potential recommendations into real ones – but in the way that is relevant and interesting to the customers, not just to the business.


Promoter Personas



We have designed a 4-step program that will help to discover what Promoter Personas you have; which of them are the best to cooperate with; what triggers their attention and “makes them tickle”; and ultimately, what cooperation formats can you work out to make them really talk about you. The programme calls for a unique combinations of skills and experience across the disciplines of research, data analysis (qualitative and quantitative), and ideation:



Step 1. Discover:

  • Conduct deep analysis of your customer data * - scores and verbatims **
  • Identify the meaningful dimensions that describe key differences between your Promoters
  • Based on the previous, create and describe Promoter Personas profiles, for example: The Preacher, The Bulldog, The Rebel, etc.

Step 2. Prioritise:

  • Estimate the financial value of Promoters and each Persona
  • Create the business case
  • Prioritise on the basis of the business case

Step 3. Ideate:

  • Develop activation strategies for Personas with the highest potential for profitability
  • Together with your team, select the best strategy and work out the details of the program
  • Plan the roll-out of the selected Activation program

Step 4. Execute: ***

  • Support implementation
  • Measure outcome
  • Report on learnings and results
  • Review and improve


* Customer Satisfaction, Recommendation, NPS or other customer metrics can be used for the purposes of this project.
** Verbatims, or comments, are an absolute necessity for this project. If you do not have any free text customer comments in your data, we can help you acquire this piece of data. This eventually means that more time for execution will be necessary.
*** From this moment on, we are offering implementation assistance. However it is advisable that a communication / activation agency for your brand is involved into this program from Step 3; and takes reigns of Step 4.


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