Create advocacy-driving experiences. Consistently.

VoC-driven innovation program.


Customers that are happy to recommend you are more profitable. They’re likely to stay longer, buy more, complain less, and most importantly – recommend you to their peers. But at a time where satisfaction-driving experiences are becoming standard, and consumers are getting harder to impress, what can really get your customers talking? When you’re already so focused on making customer-centricity business as usual, how do you free up the time and creativity to develop ‘wow’ experiences? And more importantly – how do you make sure that the business continues to generate those advocacy driving moments, even if the competitors start catching up and replicating your successes?


Advocacy Moments


Let us define and develop key moments that make customers feel truly valued.

So valued, they will want to tell about it.

Moments where your whole company serves to surprise and delight.

Moments that create long-term advocacy.


How do we do it?

By going through a core innovation process together with your people, using your company’s, your own creativity, and ideas from your colleagues and your customers.

As a deliverable, you will receive:

  1. A list of Advocacy Moments prioritized for execution, with implementation guidelines
  2. A list of next-step ideas to put into the Pipeline for later execution
  3. A visualised guide to the high level Concepts, upon which all your Advocacy Moments can be based in the future


  1. What is Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

  3. What is Customer-Centricity?

  5. Can NPS make my business more profitable?

  7. Why should I be using NPS instead of my regular customer satisfaction research?

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