The Customer says:

I deserve great experience. Make it happen or I will leave.


Your Headquarters says:

CX is of major importance, so get your game in order.


Your dealer network says:

We have neither time nor skills for this stuff.


These statements underpin 3 major gaps that Customer Experience (CX) specialists in national car sales and after sales organizations have to face. These gaps are:

  • The Value Gap: cars carry significant value for most people, so customers expect their buying or servicing experience to match that value. Many automotive HQs have realised this, understanding the ROI of great CX. But dealerships, often operating with 1-2% margin only, don’t necessarily see how extra work for their people translates into more money for them.
  • The Management Gap: customers perceive the whole chain of “HQs - National organization - Dealer” as one company, expecting a single point of view on their car’s affairs. But reality is different. In order to assure smooth, aligned CX, the HQs establishes standards and KPIs for the whole chain, which dealers may not feel motivating or relevant. In their turn, dealerships are often reluctant to share their customers’ data, stopping the “single view” from happening.
  • The People Gap: new times require new skills. Customers want to be listened to and be understood, they seek offers reflecting their needs, and service that’s personal. While both HQs and national organization get that, dealers will struggle: after all, they know how to sell and service a car, but not necessarily how to be proactive and entertaining but non-pushy.

Automotive Customer Experience Support






Automotive Customer Experience Support is designed in order to fix these gaps, answering the specific needs of a National car sales organisation. In just 6 weeks, we will run a scan of your value chain, in order to help you to:

  • Understand where the biggest gains in CX are, and
  • Close the gaps between desired end state of CX and current realities
  • Start fixing the “leaky funnel” issues occurring due to underperforming CX.



Automotive Customer Experience Support evaluates the chain through which CX implementation goes in an automotive company, and maps that perception against customer reality. We help you find where effort can be applied with maximum impact by studying the 4 dimensions of CX in your company:

  1. We interview key stakeholders in your organization to uncover how the national organisation copes with ever tougher sales targets and ever higher CX standards. We identify if the company realises its CX potential and its true ROI.
  2. We gather information on how strategies and standards are translated in the daily work of the dealer network, what kind of support is required to make great CX happen and what bottlenecks should be removed.
  3. We talk to dealership staff to identify if there is willingness to take the elements of good CX into their lives, if there are any skill gaps between what they should and can do and if they are able to go beyond what is needed today.
  4. We identify how the results of all three previous segments of the chain are perceived by the customer and check if they like what’s going on and if the efforts are paying back.


What you get:

A Book of Opportunity:

A Roadmap:

A list of 10 defined, prioritised projects for you to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, which will help your business to become more customer-centric. These prioritised projects, described in clear objectives, milestones, timings and KPIs, get placed on a roadmap for the next 3-6-12 months, with clear ownership, and defined deliverables list.


Results of analyses:

Apart from these 2 practical guides to action, you will also receive a file with all our analyses and findings, both consumer data and stakeholder interviews, for the further reference in your CX efforts.


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