Futurelab Research is a new addition to the Futurelab family. The Futurelab mission is to help clients build profit through customer experience, advising businesses on long-term, large-scale customer strategy and implementation. We created Futurelab Research to deliver NPS in more bite-sized, affordable packages for businesses that want to improve customer focus fast.


NPS Express, if you like.


We know that customer experience comes from businesses taking a series of small steps in the right direction. So the vision for Futurelab Research is simple. We make NPS quick, affordable and actionable, so that you can take your next step towards profitable customer experience.


We created Futurelab Research for you, because:

  • You passionately believe in customer experience but need to build a business case to convince the rest of your organization, or
  • You like the idea of the Net Promoter Score and you want to see how well you’re doing and how to become better, or
  • You want to invest carefully in customer experience and need hard data to be able to prioritise your initiatives.


Is this you? Call to Contact us today to see which research package meets your needs.


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