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Spinout of Futurelab.
Futurelab Research is a spinout of Futurelab, a leading business consultancy with focus on profits through customer centricity.
  At some point, not having found a suitable solution for NPS piloting for one of the clients,  we decided to do it ourselves. This resulted in a creation of a simple, straight-to-action and affordable service for making a business case for NPS. And when the service started to attract more customers, we decided to spin this company out. So now we can not only offer it to a broad audience, but to other consultants as well. 

Data instead of advice?
One of the problems many of our clients ran into when doing NPS projects, was that researchers can give you data, but not business advice
; while consultants can give you opinions and recommendations, but not always supported by data. We made a point of having researchers and consultants working in tandem rather than consecutively, and this provides the necessary dynamics to give you the complete picture.

We built the services up in the way that you want them:


  • Pragmatic - we deliver you the quality you need, and do so very quickly. This is not rocket science, so lets not pretend it is. So we’re not very expensive either, allowing you to do both a quick pilot just as well as a bi-annual survey on a few thousand respondents.
  • Actionable – we combine research and consultancy,  and that’s how we deliver a concrete, easy to understand to-do list, with both quick and long-term wins, on top of your regular data report. You can act on it the same day and bring your colleagues on board
  • Human – we speak human, and do that in a number of languages, because we work in a lot of countries across Europe, and have learned a lot about their culture specifics. We also know how hard it can be to convince your colleagues about customer centricity


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